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busy agents. newer agents. hungry & ambitious agents. part-time agents. relocated agents. struggling agents.

• open houses • showings • open doors • walkthroughs • inspections • appraisals & MUCH more!

Welcome to Doors Open Connect

A dynamic mobile and WEB platform revolutionizing the real estate industry!


We're not just a network, we're a vibrant growing community, unifying a diverse range of trusted real estate professionals. We empower real estate agents with on-demand services, transforming valuable connections into commission checks and paid opportunities.


With a focus on collaboration and support, we enable agents to maximize their reach while boosting brand and listing visibility.

Imagine being in more places at once, accessing reliable help, and seizing opportunities under one organized, accountable platform.

Doors Open Connect - " Where the power of synergy meets the future of real estate."

ITS A Problem IN real estate time is money

Every busy real estate agent and broker knows it all too well.

Old-school, chaotic communication techniques in our line of work can sap away precious hours like nothing else!

Jumbled Group Texts

Those hair-pulling group texts where info gets lost in endless back and forths.

Lost-in-Spam Emails

The hundreds of emails flooding our inboxes, critical ones getting buried under the noise.

Outdated Office Whiteboards

Trying to track things on erase boards that can get wiped off or missed amidst the daily bustle.

Social Media Overload

The hodgepodge of information on platforms like Facebook groups - not always reliable or timely.

Disruptive Phone Calls

Calls that break our flow, often with information that could've been conveyed in a less intrusive way.

Hail Mary Approaches

Those desperate last-minute scrambles for help or information, instead of a steady, organized system.

Missing Accountability

Lack of proper tracking makes it difficult to know who is responsible for what, leading to missed opportunities and redundancies.

Devil is In The Details

The tiniest details, if missed, can create chaos - and in traditional methods, they often do.

like uber eats? instacart? and or bumble business? 

when it comes to making professional real estate connections we do what we do and we do it the best! 

complete control and power to our brokers and agents

A True 1 of 1 Platform.

When It Comes To Real Estate And Other Prop Tech Platforms We Are Truly Proud Of What We Have Built Over The Years. The Agent's Success Stories And Testimonials Speak For Themselves And Continue To Motivate Us To Keep Improving So We Continue To Shine And Remain Unique. Our Platform Is Littered With Only-Of-A-Kind Features Specific To Doors Open Connect. A Desire To Help And Bring Value To The Real Estate Community, Our Platform Is Inspired By And Designed By Brokers And Agents For Brokers And Agents With An Emphasis On Encouraging And Helping One Another And The Community With A Network Of Professionals Unique To Only Our Platform.


snap shot with much more & much more on the way!
download & register for free.

  • Post & request opportunities

  • Instant push notifications, Alerts & emails

  • Timely reminders 

  • Google Maps Integration

  • Geo-fenced check-in & out 

  • MLS integration & listing auto-population abilities 

  • Property URL link option

  • Clickable pre-set details, terms & conditions

  • Property photos add up to 10

  • Community chat & support

  • Doc teams

  • Interactive map & list view

  • Filter by opportunity preferences

  • Interactive ad banner & preferred vendors

  • Stripe payment gateway integration

  • Snapshot profile & resume

  • Ratings & review system

  • Tutorial & resources section



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