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DeShawn Robinson moved to Florida in 2004 from Michigan, initially he fell in love with the weather and the Naples area and aspired to get into the real estate market before the market crash. He shifted his focus to the field of hospitality and management, since tourism is and has been a big and important integral part of the Naples and SWFL market. He accumulated a  dense resume of over 14yrs in the hospitality and management industry. From a Luxury Beach Resort, Fine-Dining Restaurants, franchise restaurants, to operating and managing at a one of kind New Orleans themed restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. DeShawn then decided to turn down promotions to move back to the Naples area to try his hand yet again in the real- estate market. Upon teaming up and working with investors and general contractors in their quest to renovate and flip homes in the Naples area, DeShawn discovered a burden to most busy agents including himself and an unfulfilled need. The burden of being stretched thin and the need of having to be in more places at once to stay on top of important listings, deals and clients.

DeShawn, through several brokerage transitions and further investigation of many others and speaking with other agents from within and outside brokerages, found they all had one thing in common. An unorganized and messy system that comprised of unwanted massive group messages and emails etc. all aimed at trying to find coverage and help. With the business model and platform technology, DeShawn and his team created with Doors Open Connect, it is their hope to help eliminate the stress of finding coverage and aimed at getting agents their most valuable, important and non -renewable resource back. Time. While also simultaneously creating new opportunities for other agents and trained non- licensed agents, hosts and hostesses, who have time on their hands and are looking to drum up new leads. It is his and his teams’ vision to organize and connect real-estate professionals and help in all aspects of real- estate.


“There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.”

― Neil A. Fiore

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